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Question: Do we need Vietnam visas when transferring in Vietnam airports with Interlining tickets?

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thanks for reading. I am from China. My friend and I need to transfer in Noi Bai International Airport and stay there for about eight hours, but we won’t go outside the airport. I would like to know whether we need to apply for a Vietnam visa or not.

Looking forward to your reply.


In Transit visa | Asked by Arwen | June 11, 2018

Question: Vietnam Visa apply for Taiwanese

To whom it may concern

I’m a Taiwanese holding Taiwan passport planing to trivial to Vietnam from 2018/6/14-2018/6/18 but I’m now in Shnghai China, so I’ll have return fly from Shanghai to Ho Chi Minh on that day, can you confirm if I(Taiwanese) can apply visa on visa arrival? if so I’ll first apply on  to get visa letter and get stamp when I arrive HO Chi Minh.

Thank you for your support

Ricky Lin

In General Questions | Asked by Ricky Lin | May 4, 2018

Question: In the UK ,how do Chinese citizens apply for a visa of Vietnam?

I am a Chinese student who studying in the UK. I plan to travel to Vietnam in June from the UK.How can i apply for the visa.

In General Questions | Asked by YUXIAO CAI | April 14, 2018

Question: Can I get an E-visa?

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Japanese nationality. I am planning to stay Vietnam more than 15 days, so I will get a visa. I heard that I can get E-visa if I stay within 30 days. That’s the question.
My stay in Vietnam will be from August 16th to September 15th. In this period it will be 31 days, so I can not apply for E-visa. However, my return flight will take off at 00:30 in the midnight so check-in will take place at 22:00 of the previous day and will carry out departure inspection. If I do the procedure the day before, it will be 30 days to stay in Vietnam. Is it possible to apply for E-visa in this situation?

Best regards

In General Questions | Asked by hozumi | March 19, 2018

Question: Do I need a Visa?


We are 2 people from Spain. We are traveling from London (UK) to visit Vietnam and Cambodia. But we have one question.

The total of our trip will be 15 days. First, we will be visiting Vietnam for 12 days, so we don’t need the visa for this visit. After, we are going to Siem Reap (Cambodia) for 3 days and we don’t need the visa either.

The thing is that to come back from Cambodia to London, one of the last tickets to fly back to London is departing from Siem Reap to Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), arriving at 22:30pm. Then, we have our second ticket from Ho Chi Minh to London at 2:30am the same night. That would be our second entrance in Vietnam so we will need the Visa for what I understood. Only if the company make us pass the border. But we are just going with bags, so we won’t need to pick up our luggages outside. We wouldn’t need to enter Vietnam for the second time and a Visa, because we are not going to need to pass the border as we will just be in the airport to take another plane, but we don’t know how you do it with passengers like us.

I hope I explained myself clearly. If not, please feel free to ask me.

Thank you very much for your help.


In General Questions | Asked by Silvia | March 8, 2018

Question: Free 15 days Visa upon arrival in Hanoi airport


We are 2 people from Spain. We would like to know what we need to do to have the 15 days free visa in the airport of Hanoi when we arrive.
Thank you

Question: Visa upon arrival at Hanoi International airport

Dear Sirs,

We need to know the procedures and the needed documents we have to get in order to have visa upon arrival for one month and single entry.

Please advise asap.

Best Regards


In General Questions | Asked by MENAAMI Aymen | January 29, 2018

Question: Vietnam visa for Chilean citizen

Dear Sr./Madam,
I’m a chilean citizen and arrived in Vietnam 10/12, I understand that I don’t need a visa and I can stay for 90 days. At the airport they allowed me to stay until 24/12. I was planning on going to Cambodia now and coming back to Vietnam around 23/12, do I need a visa now?
Thank you in advance,

Paulina Grob

In General Questions | Asked by Paulina Grob | December 15, 2017

Question: Visa requirements for Italy and Spain citizens

Dear Mr or Ms,

Need your advise if the following nationalities need to apply visa to enter Vietnam- Italy- Spain. Additionally I would like to know if there is a difference about arriving and departing de country by air o by land.

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,


In General Questions | Asked by Florencia | November 14, 2017

Question: How much does a Vietnam visa cost for Italian citizen?

Hi, How much is the total price for 2 persons, 3 months multiply entry including Vietnam visa service and stamping fee? Thanks


Question: Can you sent me the best way to get Vietnam visa

I’m looking for a visa. I’ll stay months and I’m wondering where are the papers? Can you sent me the best way to get Vietnam visa please. Thank you

In General Questions | Asked by Diane Bisson | November 8, 2017

Question: Visit Visa for Nepali Citizen

Respected Sir/Madam,

I’m a Nepali Citizen and I’m planning to visit Vietnam on a visit visa to attend an educational workshop (NOV 7-8, 2017). I would be thankful if you could assist me in receiving visa.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Best Regards,

Shekhar Acharya (Mr.)

In General Questions | Asked by Shekhar Acharya | September 18, 2017

Question: Information about Visa On Arrival?


we’re a group of four people planning a 20 days trip to Vietnam in august.

We would like some clarification about the “Visa On Arrival Procedure”: reading over the internet, we’ve found divergents traveler’s opinions about the Visa On Arrival procedure, stating that is “not official” or “not always accepted” and that there have been travelers not being able to board on a flight due to the refusal of that Visa procedure by the local authorities.
In detail, we will fly to Hanoi from Bangkok.

So, we’re hereby asking: is the Visa On Arrival totally safe and accepted or are we going to have problems travelling to Vietnam with this kind of document?

Waiting for your kind and exhaustive reply, we send best regards.


Andrea Raimondi

Question: Double entry visa Vietnam

Hi, I will be arriving at Ho Chi Minh on the 10th Nov 2016 staying in Vietnam for 4 days then move on to Cambodia I will be returning to Ho Chi Minh on the 29th November for 1night then catch my flight back to England. Will I need a visa or will I be exempt, or will I need a multiple entry visa and is there a cost.

Many thanks


In General Questions | Asked by Peter Darnell | July 14, 2016

Question: How to apply Vietnam tourist visa in Taipei?


Thank you for your mail back, currently in Taipei and in July in HANOI, is it mandatory to have a tourist visa for a period of five days in Vietnam is from 10 to 14 July inclusive.
Airline return tickets Taipei.

Patrick PERNET

Question: Visa italian citizen

Dear Sirs and Madams,
I will go to Vietnam beginning of August for 10days.
I would like to know if i have to apply for a visa and if so can i do the visa on arrival on Hanoi airport? I am an italian citizen.

Thank you
Best regards

In General Questions | Asked by Francesca | June 10, 2016

Question: How can i apply for vietnam visa from Mumbai, India?


How can i apply for vietnam visa from mumbai? what are the documents required? and what will be the lead time?  Need your help.  awaiting your reply.


Pramod khati

In General Questions | Asked by Pramod khati | February 19, 2016

Question: Question about visa

Good Evening,

I am Peruvian and i will arrive by bus from cambodia to ho chi min. However i will have a flight to come back from Ho chi min to Newart Airport, Usa, directly. I would like to know if i need to have the visa in advanced or i can take upon arrival but i think its only if you enter by plain but i will not.

Hope you can help me with my question. Thank you so much.



Question: Single or multiple visa?

I want to apply for a visa but I don\’t know if I need a single or multiple entry 30 day visa. We fly Melbourne to HCMC and stay for 1 week then go down the Mekong delta to Cambodia for 1 week. Then we fly from Siem Reap to HCMC (3 hour stopover at HCMC) then fly home to Melbourne. We will not leave the international airport and plan to be in transit there (& will not leave the international airport). We will just collect our bags and re-check them in as it\’s a different airline to go to Australia and stay in transit). So do you think we just need a 30 day single entry visa. Do you agree as with the second trip to Vietnam is just a stopover ? Please let me know so I put in an application for the 6 of us travelling together.


In General Questions | Asked by Jeanette Reece | December 3, 2015

Question: Vietnam travel visa query?


I am Cecilia from Hong Kong. I will have a trip to DaNang in late November and would like to apply the travel visa online. Just would like to confirm if i can do it via your online application form in the below link? And how much does it cost?

Thanks for your help!

Best regards

In General Questions | Asked by Cecilia | November 10, 2015